Super Fighters

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Super Fighters can be defined as a fantastic fighting game with ancient graphics, great music and has fierce fighting gameplay.

About the game

Before starting the game, you can have a look at the tutorial available to understand the standard controls and fundamentals of the game.

After you learn the basics of the game, you can get into the zone and start fighting. 

Gaming modes

  • The game can be played in two modes
  • PVP - You can start playing against a different player with the help of keyboard controls
  • PVE - In PVE mode, you can fight against characters controlled by AI-controlled in various stages or individual battles.

Levels in the game

  • You can choose to play on different levels like
    • Hazardous,
    • Rooftop 
    • Police Station
  • While fighting, be careful and keeping moving in the game. You would find the gamp play quite challenging, and the AI components are going to be tough.
  • You can utilize a variety of weapons like flamethrowers, machine guns, grenades to cause the damage and capture the arena of Super Fighters 


Player 1

  • Left & Right arrow – Move
  • Up pointer for aiming up or jumping 
  • Down arrow to position/aim down
  • N for dealing with melee damage
  • M for shooting 
  • , - throwing grenade
  • . – to utilize power up

Player 2 controls

  • AD for moving
  • W - aim up/jump 
  • S – for aiming down or positioning 
  • 1 – manage melee damage
  • 2 - shoot
  • 3 - throw grenade
  • 4 – utilize power-up

The main goal in the game is to stay alive till the end and be the last survivor for which you need to kill your enemies one by one

Shoot the enemies with weapons appearing randomly. You can punch them or throw them into the void.